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Sandy’s Tips and Tricks to Successful Decorating

Sandy’s Tips and Tricks to Successful Decorating


Lighting is a very important feature in a room and is often overlooked. It showcases important elements in a room such as favorite art or pieces of furniture and also creates a mood or ambiance relative to your style. Lighting itself can be a piece of art with so many options and styles to choose from today. When it comes to lighting, doing it right can completely change the look and feel of a space.

Creating Flow

An open concept floor plan is popular in many homes these days where families can interact with one another while performing different tasks; you may be preparing a meal while watching your children play in the family room or entertaining guests while fixing refreshments or snacks. This type of floor plan creates a feeling of spaciousness, each room flows and merges into one another.

You can create a space with flow without having an open floor plan. Some tricks to doing this include keeping the flooring consistent throughout and using the same wall colours and accent colours from room to room.